Project: Teddy Bear

Project Teddy Bear

When we were children, how many of us endured the tragedies of family splits or of losing our homes because of natural disasters? Perhaps some of us were removed from our homes because of drug abuse or other kinds of abuse. Unfortunately, many of us have felt the emotions that are associated with such tragedies. If we experienced times when we felt alone and out of place, they were very difficult for us. Without warning, our lives as we knew them changed, and we were struggling just to find normalcy and to believe that we could smile again. We were hoping that there were people out there who would bring us a little bit of joy and unconditional love.

Well there are people like that! We offer Project Teddy Bear, which is a gift of unconditional love. Many children today are suffering the same kinds of tragedies that some of us did. We may not be able to prevent these tragedies, but we can make a difference when children go through them. There are many great programs that make positive differences in children's lives, but Project Teddy Bear is unique because 100% of your contributions go toward helping these beautiful children.

Your gifts of love provide children with backpacks that are filled with necessities for daily life. Each backpack contains the following: body wash, shampoo, brush, tooth paste and tooth brush, tissues, a coloring book with crayons, puzzles, a fleece blanket, and a cuddly teddy bear with a short message of hope attached to it. These backpacks are filled with essentials for children to navigate the difficult times they are going through. With your gifts of love, you are helping us provide children with a little joy. The need is great; the pain is real, but with your loving gifts, you are helping to make a difference.

Project Teddy Bear was originally designed to be local, but because the response has been very large, we are expanding it to be regional, and if possible, national. Although this is a big undertaking, we believe that it will be attained with your support. Thank you in advance for your gifts of love and your willingness to help children in need. (Also, please be aware that any gifts you make can be tax deductible if you desire.)

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